What is Alpheus?

Alpheus is a Web-based cyberinfrastructure platform for pipelining, visualization and analysis of GigaBase-scale medical resequencing studies. Alpheus is ideal for:

  • Sanger
  • Roche-454
  • Illumina-Solexa
  • 100s of GigaBases
  • Nucleotide variant, splice isoform identification

Alpheus provides data management services, an analysis pipeline, and internet-accessible software for variant discovery and analysis for ultra-high throughput next-generation sequence data with minimal human manipulation.

I already have sequencing software, why do I need Alpheus?

Software systems for DNA sequence variant discovery based upon traditional chemistry and base-calling algorithms are inadequate for novel sequencing technologies that feature short read lengths, novel base calling, quality score determination methods, and relatively high error rates. Alpheus was designed to specifically address these requirements and to provide effective, rapid processing of next-generation sequence data.

How is Alpheus Delivered?

Alpheus is available through your Web browser which means that there is no need to install and maintain the software at your site. And because Alpheus is delivered over the Web, you'll always have the latest version whenever you use it. See the technical overview for more information.

What does Alpheus provide?

Alpheus provides dynamic queries and visualization of read data, variant data and results via an intuitive user interface. Alpheus reports sSNPs, nsSNPs, indels, premature stop codons, and splice isoforms. Read coverage statistics are reported by gene or transcript together with a visualization module based upon an individual transcript or genomic segment.

Will my data be secure?

Yes. Only you will have access to your data. Web access is restricted using security procedures including password protection and encrypted Secure Sockets Layer (SSL).

How much does it cost?

Alpheus pricing is based on your level of use, so you pay only for what you need. See our service schedule for more information.

Why is it called Alpheus?

It's named after the river Alpheus in Greek mythology, which Hercules diverted to cleanse the Augean stables and restore life to the soil.

How can I learn more?

Please view our online overview, or contact us